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Community Services

Meals on Wheels logo

Meals on Wheels

Our PJ branch runs Meals on Wheels, a program that distributes dry groceries to NGOs that operate Care Homes for the needy.

Art Classes

Art Classes

From contemporary art, portrait and item sketching and drawing at our Cheras branch to Chinese Traditional brush painting and calligraphy at our Puchong and Cheras branches, we have it all.* 

Currently Unavailable
Youth Chill Nights

Youth Development

Youth Development at our Puchong Centre includes developmental skill workshops for education and career, as well as entertainment for youth including Music*, Movie Nights*, Board Games* and E-Sports.


Hunger Relief with Lions Club

In collaboration with the Lions Club, the Ti-Ratana Buddhist Society organizes hunger relief for the community in addition to all our other programmes.

Youth Volunteer

Youth Volunteer

Every Sunday, from 9am to 12pm, join us as we improve our Buddhist Community Centres in Puchong and its facilities, particularly the library and classrooms.*

Yoga Classes

Yoga, Qigong and Taekwondo Classes

Yoga classes are being offered at our Puchong (online for now) and Bangsar* branches while Qigong* for adults and Taekwondo* for kids and teens at our Cheras branch.



Selected centres offer tutoring services for free for both SPM/STPM and IGCSE, O-Level/A-Level syllabus. IB Middle Years tutoring is also available at our Puchong centre, along with native speakers tutoring the English Language. Directly contact our Puchong branch for further information.


Recyling Day

As an initiative to encourage recycling in the Klang Valley region, we organize bi-weekly recycling sessions at our Ti-Ratana Bangsar centre. Join us now!*

Food Cupboard

Food Cupboard

 The whole purpose of this project is to allow kind & generous donors from the public to sponsor into our food bank and the hungry or homeless could just take what is needed. 

Youth Sports

 Youth Sports

Youth Sports at our Puchong Centre include Badminton, Frisbee, Volleyball, Soccer and Basketball, and during our camps, bouldering, rock climbing and even water rafting.*

Welfare Aid

Welfare Society and Homes**

Looking for welfare aid? In need? Contact our Welfare Society on their website.

You can also volunteer* with us or be a donor at our Welfare Homes housing hundreds of children and the elderly.

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Ti-Ratana Bersama Rakyat

#Ti-RatanaBesamaRakyat is an initiative to aid those in need of necessities during these trying times. The campaign was launched on the last day of June 2021. The campaign's food bank is located at our Ti-Ratana Bersama Rakyat Premise, and is open from 9am to 2pm daily. The campaign also includes over the phone assistance, online assistance as well as on site assistance and delivery for urgent cases. We also provide mental health counselling, spiritual counselling and spiritual blessings.

*Suspended during Phase 1 of the National Recovery Programme in Malaysia.

**Under Ti-Ratana Welfare Society

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