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Privacy Policy

Job Opportunities and Placement

Ti-Ratana is a non-profit organization and the Job Opportunities and Placement here are offered as a service to the community.


We would like to state here that the Job Opportunities and Placement (“Service”) is subject to our Privacy Policy and it forms part of the Terms of Use which governs the use of this Service.


We may collect, use and/or process information that you have provided to us in the following circumstances:

  1. When you register for the Service

    1. Each time when you register with us for the Service, you will be asked to provide certain personal information about yourself.

    2. The personal information collected during the registration process includes but is not limited to your email address, name, nationality, identity card number, passport number, residence.

    3. Whenever the personal information requested by us is marked as “Required Field”, you must provide and agree to the processing of this personal information by us. It is not mandatory for you to provide your personal information to us. However, if you do not agree to provide this personal information and/or not agree to us processing it in the manner set out, then we will not be able to provide the relevant services to you.

    4. Some Advertisers and/or Employers may also require you to answer a list of questions selected by that Advertiser and/or Employer as part of your online application.

  2. From your use of the Service

    1. We collect personal information directly from you when you choose to use our Service. . The following are examples of the personal information which we may collect directly from you:-

      1. Age;

      2. Date of birth;

      3. Telephone number or mobile number;

      4. Your image;

      5. Academic qualifications;

      6. Identification documents given by the school/college/university/institute;

      7. Resume;

      8. Personal interests and preferences;

      9. Working experience;

      10. Other information associated with a resume for job applications

  3. When you visit our website

    1. When you visit our website our web servers automatically collect information about your visit to these websites, including your Internet Protocol (IP) address, the time, date, and duration of your visit. Your IP address is a unique identifier for your computer or other access devices.



  1. The purposes for which we process your personal information are as follows:-

    1. To verify your identity;

    2. To assess and/or verify your employability;

    3. To administer and manage the Service provided to you;

    4. To contact you in respect of the Service;

    5. To facilitate the provision of the Service to you and improve your job opportunity prospects by supplying your information to the prospective employers;

    6. To improve placement opportunities for you;

    7. To monitor and improve the performance of the Service;

    8. To gain an understanding of your information and communication needs in order for the Service to enhanced and customized;

    9. To conduct research and development and statistical analysis in connection with the Service to identify trends and develop new services that reflect your interests;

    10. To assist the Service in understanding your browsing preferences on our website so that we can tailor content accordingly;

    11. To detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

  2. It may not be possible to limit the processing of your personal information for the purposes set out in Clause 2.1 above. Whilst the provision of your personal information to us is voluntary, if you do not consent to the Service processing your personal information for the said purposes, you must terminate your consent in writing to us duly acknowledged by us and stop using the Service.



  1. You may have different privacy concerns. Our goal is to be clear of what information it collects, so that you can make meaningful choices about how it is used. For example:-

    1. You can control who you share your personal information with;

    2. You may view, edit or delete your personal information and preferences at any time.

  2. You can delete the Service at any time in which event we will remove all access to your account, resume and relevant details in the database. The deletion of your account and details does not affect the information that you had already sent to Employers or were previously downloaded by Employers.



  1. We will retain your personal information for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes set out in Clause 2 above and any legal or business purposes.



  1. We are committed to keeping personal information secure. As this is a non-profit organization we will to the best of our resources ability obtain the appropriate technical, administrative and physical procedures in place to protect personal information from loss, theft and misuse, as well as against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.

  2. No method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure, however. Therefore, we cannot guarantee its absolute security. If you have any questions about security on our website, you can contact here.



  1. Personal information mentioned in Clause 1 above may be disclosed to the classes of third parties as follows in order for to effectively manage its business including to render the Services to you to achieve the purposes described in Clause 2:-

    1. The Employers;

    2. Third parties contracted by to assist us in delivering all or part of the Service to you, including without limitation, to the following:-

      1. Profiling/assessment services;

      2. Mapping services;

      3. Maintenance and repair services; and

      4. Research and website usage analysis services.

    3. Strategic partners that work with us that help us to enhance our Service;

    4. The school/college/university/institute you studied at and your referees so as to verify your academic qualification;

    5. Professional qualifying bodies where you obtained your accreditation;

    6. Regulatory bodies, governmental bodies or other authorities if required or authorized to do so to discharge any regulatory function, under any law or in relation to any order or judgment of a court;

    7. Regulatory bodies, governmental bodies or other authorities for the purpose of detection or prevention of crime, illegal/unlawful activities or fraud or for the apprehension or prosecution of offenders, or for an investigation relating to any of these;

    8. Any party involved in or related to a legal proceeding (or prospective legal proceeding), for purposes of the legal proceedings;

    9. Our professional advisors on a need to know basis for the purpose of those advisors providing advice to us;

    10. Other third party service providers, including but not limited to data analytics service providers, data storage and cloud service providers and/or any service providers that assist us in carrying out our activities;

    11. Otherwise permitted under any data protection legislation.

  2. Other than set out above, you will receive notice when personal information about you might go to third parties, and you will have an opportunity to choose not to share the information.

  3. We do not sell or rent any personal information collected to any other parties.



  1. You are responsible for providing accurate, not misleading, complete and up-to-date information to about yourself and any other person whose personal information you provide us and for updating this personal information as and when it becomes inaccurate, misleading, incomplete and out-of-date by contacting us.

  2. In the circumstances you may need to provide to us personal information about someone other than yourself (for example, your referee ). If so, we rely on you to inform these individual that you are providing their personal information to us, to make sure they consent to you giving us their information and to advise them about where they can find a copy of this Privacy Notice (on our website at Privacy Policy)



  1. Our site may contain links to third party sites.

  2. We are not responsible for such third party sites. Any personal information made available by you on such sites will not have the benefit of this Privacy Notice and will be subject to the relevant third party’s privacy policy (if any).



  1. In using the Service and/or our website, you consent to the collections and use of the personal information by us in the ways described hereinabove (which may change from time to time) unless and until you inform us to the contrary.

  2. Further, you consent to your referees, the school/college/university/institute where you have studied, the professional qualifying bodies where you received your accreditation and Employers to disclose your personal information to us.



  1. If you still have questions about this Privacy Notice, please visit Help or Frequently Asked Questions on the Websites. requests your name, phone number, email address and comments so that may respond to your concerns effectively and works to improve the Services and/or Websites.

  2. You are requested to correct and/or amend your personal information to the extent you realize it is incorrect. With respect to all of the above, you may contact us .

Online Blessing Service

Ti-Ratana Group collects only your name, phone number, gender identity, email address, and purpose of seeking the online blessing service as well as your Buddhist affiliation. This data is used so we may contact you for the online blessing service, address you with your preferred pronouns, and serve you in your preferred affiliation of Buddhism.

Online Counselling Service

Ti-Ratana Group collects only your name, phone number, gender identity, email address, and purpose of seeking the online counseling service. This data is used so we may contact you for the online counseling service and address you with your preferred pronouns.

Donations (applicable to All Ti-Ratana branches)

Ti-Ratana Group collects only your name, phone number, email address, names of anyone you are donating on behalf or in memory of (if applicable), the sum of donation, bank transaction slip relevant only to the donation for record-keeping and verification purposes, as well as the issuance of receipts to donors. For any receipt that is tax exempted, we are required to place your identification card number on it by the authorities. By submitting your email address during donations, you agree to be added to our mailing list. If you wish to opt out of this, please contact us. We will not send spam emails, and only update a maximum of twice a month via email.

Mailing List (applicable to All Ti-Ratana branches)

Ti-Ratana Group collects only your name and email address for purposes of broadcasting the latest updates about our organization via email.

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Groups (applicable to All Ti-Ratana branches)

Ti-Ratana Group collects only your name and phone number for purposes of broadcasting the latest updates about our organization via WhatsApp. By agreeing to join our WhatsApp Groups, your phone number will be visible by all other members and admins. 

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