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Ti-Ratana Group

Operational Health, Safety and Enviroment

We care about your health and safety at Ti-Ratana. 

We care for the environment too.


Fire Safety

At all of Ti-Ratana Buddhist Society's premises, we aim to practice proper fire safety. All our premises are equipped with fire extinguishers, inspected annually by certified companies, as well as proper fire prevention equipment. We also have made use of electric candles, effectively minimizing the risk of fire and saving the environment at the same time.


This earth is a work of nature. As such, we must learn to live in harmony with nature. At Ti-Ratana, our premises try our best to fully utilize LED lighting and selected sources of renewable energy. We also do not use styrofoam and single-use plastics at our premises.



At Ti-Ratana, we care about your health. We should all play our part and be responsible members of society.

Here are our SOPs throughout Phase 4 of the National Recovery Plan in the fight against the pandemic.

Your Safety

At Ti-Ratana, your safety is our priority. We want to create a safe environment where all devotees and visitors can have a safe space to practice spiritually, where volunteers, committee members, staff members and Sangha members can help the community safely.

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