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A Food Cupboard to Cultivate Kindness

On this special day of 10/10/2020 we launched our Ti-Ratana Food Cupboard at our Centre in Bangsar.

The whole purpose of this project is to allow kind & generous donors from the public to sponsor into our foodbank and the needy could just take what is needed.

We hope to create an eco-system of kindness and generosity where the donor gives with an open heart for all without the need for recognition and the recipient could hopefully pay-it-forward with deeds of kindness to others.

Our TI-RATANA FOOD CUPBOARD opens for the food recipients on every 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month starting from 25 October 2020.

So come by anytime during office hours to drop your food donations to our Ti-Ratana Food Cupboard. No contribution are too small as long as you do it with a BIG heart!

"Give what you can, take what you need, A hand you extend, A mouth you could feed"

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Yoon Pok Hoh
Yoon Pok Hoh
Oct 12, 2020

Our Bangsar Centre address is:

Wisma Ti-Ratana

17, Lorong Maarof 59100, Bangsar Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

We open from 9am - 5pm , Mon - Fri.



Lotus Lotus
Lotus Lotus
Oct 12, 2020

Good morning. May I have your exact location for donations to be sent and your office hours? Thank you.

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